When I first built up my 2 650b bikes in 2011, there were no TLR tires. In order to run tubeless, I had a few really not good experiences seating regular bead tires. Layers of Gorilla tape, compressor, lots of sealant and soapy water required.

All was well for 2 seasons. Seat 'em, forget 'em. But last week I finally burped a rear tire hitting a ledge at just the right angle and speed. Broke the seal; needed to tube up to get home.

Then, went through the mojo to get the sucker seated and holding air again. But for the sake if peace of mind, I ordered a WTB Vigilante TCS and a Geax Saguro TNT to replace what I was running rear & front.

What a relief to seat tires with a floor pump again! They roll just fine and I feel more secure riding tires tubeless with a bead designed to hold onto rims without tubes.

Just sayin'