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Thread: Sanity Check

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    Sanity Check


    Looking for a sanity check here. Am I crazy to put on a set of 1500$ NOBL wheels on a 2500$ dollar bike?? Open to all opinions even the SA ones.

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    short answer no, you are not crazy.

    long answer have you looked at other wheels? when I rode the noble wheels they felt great but the onyx hub added a lot of weight. I ended up with a i9 enduro (I went with aluminum for personal reasons but they do have carbon rims as well) wheel set and love them!

    personally I would also check out the new santa cruz reserve wheels (life time warranty), along with we are one composites (small company out of kamloops: )

    happy wheel hunting

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    Can you afford them? Will you enrage a significant other? If Yes and No, then go for it, you're not crazy.

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    good wheels are ALWAYS the correct choice
    oops I wasn't clipped in

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    Hard to say. Suspension on a $2500 can suck or at least be mediocre so improving that may have better pay off. Sure Carbon wheels can be stiff but if you have a noodly 32 stanchion fork then you need a beefier fork moreso than carbon rims. It really just depends on what areas on the bike you want to improve.
    Everyone is entitled to my opinion.

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