So I've been... call it 650B curious for a while, but with a garage full of 29ers, it seemed a bit hard to justify trying another mountain bike just for a slightly different wheel size. But, I have been eyeing an rSogn frameset, which has many attributes that aren't widely available: low trail, skinny steel tubes, lots of useful braze ons, etc. They're out of stock at Rawland, but when a NOS frame popped up for sale, I found it pretty easy to justify grabbing that. Which means I had to pick up 650B wheels, tires, etc. Coincidentally, I had just sold my Spearfish along with my Reba, a wheelset, and tires, so I had both funds and space for all this stuff.

It even came in the original box:

My interim build while I was waiting for the wheels to arrive:

I changed a few bits and have ended up here:

I really like it so far. It's livelier than either my Crosscheck or Fargo, but has a lot of the touring and off road capability of the Fargo (which might be up for sale soon...)

I don't have a great picture, but I spec'd the wheels to be equally versatile: Synergy rims, but with SLX centerlock hubs to try out disc brakes in the future. Then, what's this? a Voodoo Bizango in my size showed up on ebay, and I was the only bidder. Since I have already picked up a pair of knobbies for the rSogn, I have all the bits to throw together a 650 mountain bike. Hopefully it will fit the 650B tires as promised. Stay tuned...