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    A Note To Riders That Love 26" Wheels

    I think your favourite bike company loves you. They appreciate everything you've done for them, you've supported them by purchasing their bikes which in turn have allowed them to grow and develope as a bike company. Every year they put the knowedge they gained on the trail back in to their designs. I'm amazed at what a current mountain bike is capable of in the right hands. I'm amazed at the quality of modern mountain bikes, suspension design, drivetrain etc.

    When representatives of mountain bike companies visit sites like MTBR and read about how enthusiastic riders are about their products they are jacked. People that run bike companies are cyclists just like you and I. They ride for the smile it puts on our faces, they share the same Love of riding we do. It only stands to reason that all of the qualities hard core 26" riders love about their rigs is shared by the people that developed and built those bikes.

    This is why I don't understand the anti 650b sentiment amongst some riders. Do you think the people that love you are going to let you down? That's the last thing they want to do, they want to keep you as loyal customers. Think about all of the things you love about your current or future planned 26" bike. Now imagine that the people that have been working on this bike have put everything thing they know in to the next planned design.

    2014 bikes are signed off by the major bike companies, it's too late to turn back know, the paper has gone to press. All of the great bicycle companies that we know and love are now sitting back with huge smiles on their faces because they are excited about bringing you the next generation of their bicycles. They are totally committed to giving you more of what you love in your 26" bike.

    650b should not be feared, it should be embraced, it gives you just a little bit more of what you know and love. It gives you none of what you don't want, this is the reason 650b is moving so quickly. The market for 650b is already established, it's 26". Please just keep this in mind, what I'm trying to tell you is, ______ Bicycle Company loves you, they want you grinning like a butcher's dog when you buy your next bike from them. Increase your smile per pedal stroke ratio. If you love your 26" bike, the 650b bike coming from your favourite bike company that replaces it will impress you even more. Your bike company loves you.

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    I love a good "the 26" is dead" post.

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    I'm certainly happy to see that every bike company's production and marketing team met with you on such short notice. That says a lot for the industry culture as a whole.

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    A Note To Riders That Love 26" Wheels

    They like them so much they are killing 26" and forcing 27.5" on them? As the politicians say: "that's a dog that won't hunt."

    I think I smell sarcasm here
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    Old enough to know better. And old enough not to care. Best age to be.

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    Yes I completely agree. The bike companies are doing all this for love, not money. Profits be damned. It's the people that matter.

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    That was an outstanding speech. almost drove me to tears.
    But the part about the butcher's dog cheered me back up.
    Long live mountain biking.

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    Here! Here!

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