I have a Framed Alaskan Carbon with Carbon fork that's shown here:


I'm pretty confused about how to go about getting second wheel set because of thru axle front/rear/disc and the actual wheel diameter. Ability to swap out wheel set rather than buy new bike would make my wife happy. The 4" wide was excellent off-road expeditionary wheels, but I want day tripper wheel set that more responsive on the curvy single track.

I think I want to change from the expeditionary HED Big Fat Deal Carbon Rims with 4" wide by 26" tubeless Maxxis tires to

27.5 Raptor Rims (or similar, hopefully cheaper) with 2.5" wide tubeless tires. Current rear has Shimano XT derailleur with 10 speed cog. I have thru axle up front, but I'm having hard time measuring width. I think it's 140mm. In back the Evo pro hub has 190mm written on it, but some tech spec of Framed Alaskan report 197mm. My mechanic, who has now disappeared did generally a great job building the bike to my specs for the Congo trip, but there are some issues. I notice that a big hex nut was used as a spacer, which might explain the 190 vs 197mm.

Ok, so what's the cool wheel set to get? I don't want to weight it down much, but buying the Raptors will set me back like buying a new bicycle.