Hey guys...
I hope nobody makes fun of this build...seeing it is a cheap frame and all.
I picked it up during Bike Nashbar's big frame sale last summer...it is a warranty frame left over from a 2009 run.
I originally planned to do a Sette Reken rigid build, but after looking st the potential tire clearance on the 'Goose...
I knew this one had budget 650b written all over it.
I picked up 2 Vee Rubber Trail Takers for the front tires on the two Reken rigid builds.(one for me
and my wife)...but there looks like there's enough room for the Taker in the frame,
Now the next problem is to find a budget squishy fork that can fit a Taker up front.
i'll prolly go with a dedicated 650b fork...just dunno which one right now.
...anybody have any suggestions?

The next issue might be my rim choice.
I picked up some Sun Inferno 27s...but later learned that they are not really tubeless ready...so if that's true,
it's gonna be hit and miss with the Takers.

The drivetrain will be Shimano 8 speed...following in line with the seme of the budget build.
Not sure what brakes yet...but most likely Avid BB7s and speed dial levers.

...So basically,there it is...another 650b conversion on the pile.
I'll follow this thread up as I progress through the build.
The first step is to get the wheels built up. I went out on a lark and picked up some Diatech hubs to be laced up
with some Sapim DB spokes.
If the hubs are as strong as they look, and the rims don't blow off the Takers...I'll be good to go.
I might end up with a pretty nice 650b squishy.
I hope so.