Hello everyone,

First post here So pls go easy on me...

Some time ago I spent quite a lot of time on my bike(s). But I had a few years' break. recently I decided to come back to bikinng though...

I have a Marin Bolinas Ridge (from 97/98 or so). Hard top say, anyways looks like this:

http://www.bikepedia...l=Bolinas Ridge

I am using it for city rides, to/from work rides and asphalt.

Recently I have disassembled and cleaned the bike and came to the conclusion that I need to replace the axles (they are quite beat by now).

SO I came to the conclusion that it might be worthwhile to put 27.5 wheels on the Marin, just to see what will happen...

Since I want to use skinny tires on it (right now I am using Maxxis Detonator 26x1.0), it seems to me they will fit.

What do you thnk? Shall I buy new 27.5 wheels? Or shall I stick to 26''?
How would this affect bike's geometry and behavior? I think should be fine for city and asphalt, no?

What cheap rims would you recommend? I do not want to spend loads on that really...

And one more question - what about v-brakes? ATM I have stock ones. Can I use them, or will I have to purches some longer brakes?

Many thanks for your help.