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    Looking for a good tire combination for Northeast Riding Conditions

    I am looking for a good tire combination for rocky rooty riding here in the northeast. Right now I am running Neomoto's. They feel a little sketchy on the roots and rocks especially when things are a little moist.

    Any recommendations?

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    Try the WTB Bronson or the Shwalbe Nobby Nics. My .02

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    I am not sure what's available in 27.5 but on my 140 and 160 mm bikes I have gone through several tires and settled on either Hans dampfs trail kings Ardents or high roller 2s. I would steer clear of nobby nics or mountain kings as they are flimsy and don't offer great traction on slippery damp or wet rocks and roots.

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    Nobby Nics are good tires, but not for New Englandís wet and leaf covered fall conditions in which they are simply dangerous. I just took mine off after 3 months of abuse, I replaced them with the Hans Dampfs. Nobby Nics were really good in dry and hard packed conditions and they are nice and light. I slashed one of my tires almost all the way through, when I checked the interior of the tire there was no sign of the slash (thanks snakeskin) so I super glued it back together on the outside, good as new Ö well almost. I will put the NN back on next spring-summer. For now the HD will be awesome. I have only 2-3 rides on the HD and they are really good so far, they do roll slower but not by much and they only weigh 60 or so grams more than the NN. An HD with ramped nobs in the center for better rolling resistance would probably be my ideal tire.

    I was going to get the Vee Trail Takers (Pacenti designed if I am not mistaken) which look awesome but those side nobs are just way to far out. I donít want to be almost scraping the ground for my side nobs to engage.

    The High Roller II might be what you need, super beefy but heavy. If you are plowing through wet and sharp rock gardens these are probably what you want. These tires are a bit to beefy for a lot of riders so check your local Craigslist and fleabay for a take-off discounted set.

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    The problem with Neo-motos, IMHO is the superior tread design is let down by the rubber compound. That design, with say a black chili, or trailstar rubber would kill it.

    I have a 2.3 3C EXO High Roller 2 up front, with an Ardent EXO in the rear. I haven't tried them, but I also hear a lot of good things about the Hans Dampf.

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    I ride a conversion with an official 650b fork so I have plenty of tire clearance in the front but little in the rear. I currently ride with a Vee Rubber Fluid 2.4 in the front and Kenda Honey Badger 2.2 in the rear. I did some back-to-back rides alternating between the Honey Badger and Neo Moto 2.3 and the Honey Badger is IMHO better - more traction, more predictable when losing grip, much more robust casing, but it is also heavier. If I had enough clearance in the rear, I would try a Fluid/Flow combination, these two tires are also pretty good for an occasional trip to Highland.

    Hans Dampf has a really short life in rocks and roots. 100 miles and your side knobs will be undercut and be folding over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haystack Calhoun View Post
    I am looking for a good tire combination for rocky rooty riding here in the northeast. Right now I am running Neomoto's. They feel a little sketchy on the roots and rocks especially when things are a little moist.

    Any recommendations?
    Relevant to my interests. I have 2 hard seasons in Central New York, rigid on my Neomoto 2.3s, about time to replace. I've heard good things about the Ardent 2.4 from a rigid 29er-riding buddy.

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    I've tried lots of tires over the past year and I've settled on the Maxxis HR2 2.3 exo/tr/3c up front and Maxxis Ardent 2.25 exo in the rear. The Ardent IMO rolls just as fast as the NN but gives better straight line braking and cornering traction. Up front the HR2 is very similar to the HD rolling and straight line braking but when leaned over the HR2 shines. The HD has very soft and squirmy edge blocks whereas the HR2's blocks are a bit stiffer and tend to grip better with less drama when leaned over. Longevity of the Maxxis tires is FAR better at a cheaper price point. The weight of the Maxxis tires is a bit of a negative though. The Nevegals roll to damn slow, they grip great right up the edge of traction then seem to let go unexpectedly at the limit without much notice.

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    I have been riding the WTB Bronson up front and its great for the greasy roots and rocks.
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