• 05-20-2013
    LB carbon rim or American Classic 101 for 650b race day wheelset build
    This could go in the Wheels Forum, but hoping to get some 650b objective input on rims for a raceday wheelset.

    Currently running Pacenti TL28 32h with some BikeHubStore hubs (weigh about 414g set), db and alloy. Believe they were 430g each. When I purchased these for my 4" FS the intent was an all-around wide not-AM-heavy wheelset at 1652 grams without tape or valve stems. They have been flawless. Now I'm looking for a lighter set used in Marathon and Endurance races on tighter super rough courses with lots of climbing, courses that beat me up on the 29er carbon HT.

    Hubs may stay the same. Spokes may go from reliable ol' DT db to Revo or Super Comp. Currently having good luck with Crossmark eXC 2.1 tires (front knobs been tuned).

    Rim options are the American Classic 101. Light, reliable, good design and stiff, much stiffer than the Crests from what I gather. Two rims delivered is $159. Actual weights around 355g each.

    Next option is the Light-Bicycles carbon rim. I run these on the HT 29er and love them. Huge improvement over the Crest when putting the power down and under hard cornering. I'm only 165 but the difference was night and day. Price is about $175 each? Haven't checked lately.

    All things being equal, on a short travel FS, would you go for the LB carbon or the alloy 101. I'm an aggressive racer but lean toward the finesse side of things instead of bashing and jumping.
  • 05-21-2013
    The reason I went with the 101 is the what if factor. What if the lb cracked and I needed to warranty it.

    I went from flows to 101 s and I swear they are just as stiff.