Hi all,

Been doing a lot of researching into 29ers vs 27.5. I think I want to go with a 27.5 and was hoping to get some feedback on the entry-mid level Kona and Jamis 27.5ers.

Are there any glaring differences I'd be feeling from the Nemesis Comp vs. the Cinder Cone? They're at the same price point, (and I am just starting to understand bike tech, so bear with me). I'm really looking for a more layman-term explanation of what I could expect between the two.

Second question is do I pop for the $1k+ bikes (Kona Cinder Cone, Jamis Nemesis Comp) or stick with the lower tier (Kona Blast, Nemesis Nemesis Sport). I'm about 95% sure I want a hardtail and I know I'm going to ride the crap out of it, so I'm going to need something durable and able to last me a solid 2-3 years at least.

I'm still a newer rider, and hope to rent/demo a bit before pulling the trigger, so any advice on these rigs is welcome.