I am building a RH 23 ", any real input is welcome and I appreciate the help. I want to graduate to the next level in what I am doing.

This is what I am using, I have a 26 with 29 MTX 33's with 40 cm tires. The other day I busted my a$$ good because the tires slid out when I hit a wet spot going fast around a corner and realized I have the bike setup to tall and it creates problems and pain, lose of flesh was the end result.

First off will bigger tires help keep the bike from dropping out from under me? and second off a lower bike how much does it help handling?

I love my bike but I want to be able to run up and down stairs and jump 2 to 3ft drop offs with no problem. Can a hard tail do this at my weig?

I love my frame because I am 6 foot 4 and 280 so unless somebody knows something better I think this is pretty good.

Tell me what you think of this build, dump the front shock and put a rigid front end with a 29 set up lower then put a 27.5 in rear both will be Hope Pro with heavy axles.

Before I do this I want some advice from those who know, how much slower will the bike be on the road with bigger MTB tires compared to 40CM tires? The 40 CM are good but I need traction and want to be able to hit hard obstacles better.

I want the bike to sit lower in back because I do not want endo problems so I figure a smaller rear wheel?

Thanks for any replies.