I have tried 650B wheels with 2.25 RR in my forks and as expected, it fits. The Brodie Mettle frame however does not fit a rear 650B wheel. I could try a B6 or 6B or whatever by running a 650B front wheel and keep 26" rear, but before I settle for that, if I do, I wonder if I could just replace my frame. If headangles are not good using the 26" Fox RLC fork with a 650B wheel, there's always the Cane Creek Angle-Set headset and/or those variable pivot bushings for rear shocks.

I'd have to check all my parts and research frames, but, if I could use my Mavic hubs, I could lace up 650B wheels and see how many parts I can keep. Headset and stem, bb and crank, seatpost (not a biggie) and brakes, drivetrain. I could be lucky enough to even keep my rear shock and only have the bare Brodie Mettle frame left over. I would research what frames of 100 mm travel or closest to it, would possibly work for me.

Is this a worthwhile research project at the very least?

If so, what frames should I start looking at? I have a few manufacturers frames in mind from upcoming 2013 650B FS bikes, but it's highly likely they won't come as a frame only, so what other frames could I look at?