Long story short. I've ended up with a few wheel sets and bike setup options and wanted to get some other people's thoughts.

- bike is a 26 hardtail
- 2 wheels sets (carbon 26 rovals and 27.5 ZTR crests)
- On the rovals I run pretty aggressive tires (purgatory and ground control)
- On Crests I run Nobby Nic and Racing Ralph
- Type of riding is generally XC/Trail, nothing too technical
- I have ridden both and definitely feel the benefits of 27.5 but the carbon 26 rovals make up for it by being so stiff and light
- I am currently running a 2011 Fox F100 RLC FIT with Kash but getting more crown contact than I like with a 2.25 NN. I have a Xfusion enix being used on my wife's bike that is 650 compatible, allowing me to run whatever tire I want in the front

OK, with all that in mind, which would you go with? 26 hardtail with carbon wheels and fox fork, or 27.5 hardtail with xfusion enix fork?