I have just been to my LBS and rode the Kona Explosive 650 and the Trek Stache 8
Before I start .....I'm in turmoil because the 29 rides great its comfy and in 19" just right, the 17"was cramped, I'm 5.11
The ride is smooth the bike is well spec'd and true to Trek well made and pretty , however the ride is some what hard, but I do ride a EX8 Trek .
Jump on the Kona
First and foremost , I'm a stocky built fella and I was concerned about a big guy like me on the narrow Steele tubes that you see in the photos.
All I can say is when you see it, it looks amazing , it's actually a cool bike and a tad retro.
Again well spec'd the ride is BOB ON sweet as, the Steele so much better over the same route I rode ten mins earlier, it's nimble quick and a SMILE appears on your face and the shop owner new right away my thoughts.
And so......I have saved the Kona to one side for a few days while I do some research on here
My question is this.....
Do any of you guys know of any up and coming brands bringing out in 2014 model 650b hard tails, I'm after a it more head up like the Explosive and not head down race.

I thank you all in advance, enjoy the trails , life is to short not to