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    69er pro's and con's ??

    I'm seeing some of these 69ers out there and thinging of putting one together.What do you guys find better over a standard 26 setup ?

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    What I found better with the right frame and fork combination is that the front wheel rolls over trail obstacles much much better. So it is/was easier to navigate through rock gardens, and climb up technical terrain a bit better with the 69er set up.

    Hope this helps ya a little bit.


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    Cons would be that you're likely ending up with a rigid bike unless you're dropping lots of $.
    Pros would be that the front wheel grips and rails corners better than anything I've experienced and rolls over stuff better. Besides, it's fun to have another/different bike to ride sometimes.

    Just remember, do your research and measure fork and wheel/tire combos before stripping an old frame and before you purchase the new front end bits to be sure you don't end up with some wacky geometry.

    Keep us posted,

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    Just put this up this morning...

    -Aaron G.

    "Before D.W., "anti-squat" was referred to as pedal feedback."

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    Front rolls quickly and smoothly, but 69er stays lively and nimble and gets going fast.

    a hardtail 69er requires careful line choice though, otherwise the small unsprung rear will kick your butt even if the front glided over an obstacle. in other words be prepared to dodge the really rough stuff and keep moving in your saddle to get your weight moving around the bike. i find the bike really rewards an active, aggressive riding style rather than sitting back and expecting it to kiss and cuddle your rear.

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    I love my custom 69er hardtail. The only "con" I can think of is I get a lot of flats on the rear tire and none on the front...I can't blame the bike though. Oh, I guess it looks funny with two wheel sizes but I don't mind.

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    More confident handling in every single situation. Grips better in the corners. Rolls over bumps and logs way easier. Less endo-prone. Something about the handling or geometry of this bike (Trek Top Fuel 69er) lets me climb way better too... the front end holds its line and the rear slips less... not quite sure why that is, but I'm cleaning stuff and riding stuff that I was always dabbing on before.
    I read that on the internet.

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    Pros - everything 40hills mentioned. (mine is an 08 TF 69er) I had some of my best races ever this year in 40+ expert on the 69er and I've been racing off & on since 1987.

    Cons - ONLY cons I see are limited tire choices with the 29er front (they are getting better though and I've just found some pretty good ones). I know you can stretch a 26 tube to fit but I prefer to carry a 29 & 26 tube.

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    A 69'er works pretty darned well, but if you're looking at an aggressive AM application, I don't think they're worth the loss in fork travel. For me, a 69'er with a reduced Maverick DUC32 on a good 4-5 inch travel frame might be nice. For 5+ and 6.5 inch AM setups, the loss of front fork travel is noticeable IMO.

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    A 69er will make you better in all aspects of bicycle riding. So if those are the results you would like to see, you should buy one.

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    Bike choice/design is all about compromise

    Every wheel size choice has it’s +’s and –‘s
    Every HTA has it’s +’s and –‘s
    Every BBH has it’s………
    and so on and so on…………………………

    At the end of the day, no matter what ride you DO---, XC, DH, AM, FR etc etc etc it’s always a matter of picking your ‘compromises’ to best match your intended ‘purpose’ how original

    My current compromise --choice
    I have been very happy on a 29er soft tail for the last two years, just sold on ebay, hope to soon be on a FS 69er, why? I love the 29er front wheel and a relaxed HTA, best 'imo' to roll up, over and down the desert rocks and ledges. But I do not like the long CS and WB you have to have with a FS 29er w/relaxed HTA…so I am looking for a 08 TF Trek 69er, it has a relaxed HTA, 29er front, short WB and CS’s. There are ‘other’ reasons I am leaning this direction, but that's the main reason(s) for me to try a FS 69er

    Only bad thing is that Trek does not have the 09 TF 69er in production so I have to look for a 08 or get a ‘temp’ bike
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