Hey Guys,
Been a lurker on mtbr for a while and really value most of the input I read here. I joined today for your feedback. I'm building a 27.5 full-suspension bike for next season (currently race a Epic 29er and train / have fun on a Tall Boy) and wish to use a carbon, small travel frame; 100mm - 110mm. This bike is only for xc racing and 100mm works great. A 110mm could be used but don't want anymore as stiffness of the frame while acceleration and climbing with as little bob as possible are key f. I'm looking at the Giant Anthem Advanced frame which is spec'd for 100mm, which is great. Recently, a bike shop suggested building a Scott Spark 700 which, although is spec'd for 120mm, was told it could be set-up with 100mm or 110mm without affecting the ride. I've never heard of doing such and kinda think this will have a negative effect on the ride quality. If bikes could be built with varying suspension lengths, wouldn't the manufacturers' tout this in their marketing? If you've any insight on this, please let me know your thoughts, thank you.

btw - totally happy with my 29er fs but wish to try a 27.5 esp. for the more climby races. 29er totally works and will continue to be used, but, after riding a demo 27.5, really think it'll be fun too.