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    27.5" - 3 Wheel sizes?

    Pardon me if this seems like a bit of a noob topic, but I'm noticing the potential for something here.

    We have traditional MTB geometry. Designing for 29" wheels compromises some of this. 27.5" wheels hardly at all. Seems we've found an ideal size for those who put traditional geometry ahead of wheel size.

    We have traditional road & multipurpose bikes with their geometry, which is built around 700c wheels. While the tire sizes are all over the place, 700mm works out to... 27.56". Which seems to work well for the majority of adult riders. I'm starting to see a pattern here.

    And finally we have large volume 26" tires, such as 26x2.7. Which works out pretty close to 27.5".

    I'm aware of conversions of cyclocross bikes to take 27.5" MTB tires. And of specific 26" MTBs. And then there's Surly subtlely acknowledging that the new Instigator that's designed for 26+ could take a 650B MTB wheel.

    But it seems like this is just scratching the surface of what's possible. I see people discussing how big of a tire to cram on a monstercross or dual sport bike, while thinking inside of the box of it being on a 622 rim. It would seem to me that there's potential for some extreme versatility to mix and match frame styles with tire styles, all while keeping the same outside diameter and thereby the geometry.

    Case in point - a friend is looking for a new bike. Looking into multiple purposes (isn't everyone). Unlike me, with a gravity field forming around all the bikes I've collected, he doesn't have room for a collection. Body proportions are also ruling out a few models. And where we are now is that he may want MTB geometry with road size wheels. Or MTB wheel capacity with the utility of a hybrid. Still working that out.

    Does this resonate with anyone? Is anyone else intrigued by the idea of a cross frame or MTB frame that could take 700C, MTB 650B, or 26+? And wishing manufacturers might start to think that way? I am aware of one or two niche models that seem to have 2/3 of these sizes in mind, but nothing major, and not all 3.

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    Very Good

    Yes you are right why do some bike makers not get it about designing the bike around wheel size and say the only way to go is 27"?

    A well designed 29"er is great a poor desgin just suck's

    Well designed 27" and 26" are great too..

    I have find that 27" is very very good for one thing and that is Muni (Mountain Unicycle)


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    I wasn't remotely suggesting there was anything wrong with any other size - just that there seems to be some convergent evolution to 27.5", such that there's an opportunity for a modular approach.

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    Rawland are designed for 650b, but take a 700c and a 26 tire would be fine too. The disc Sogn or rSogn is more or less the do it all bike if only one fits in the quiver. They do have more or less traditional road geo, at least the older models. They are not suspension corrected frames, but I can't imagine using an 80mm sus fork would be a problem. The head tube lengths are long for an easy riding position. They used to be based in MN but now the company has moved to Danville, CA.

    So it appears on the website that neither the rSogn or the Drakkar are currently available. It's been a while since I've been to their site. Only the Nordavinden or the Stag are available and there does not seem to be another run of the rSogns any time soon. Anyway, the bikes are designed much like the Surlys in that they are all about a road frame that accommodates fatter tires.
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    I don't know why,... it's just MUSS easier to pedal than the other ones.

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