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    2018 Giant Trance 3 or Stance 1

    Been away from riding for a while but wanting to get back into it. I have a budget around 2k, these are a couple of the bikes i am considering......thoughts, Thanks in advance

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    Trance gets my vote. Anthem is good too.
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    Trance hands down. I rode a stance 1 and 2 and it felt incomplete. The trance gets the maestro suspension which is worth considering. If you can swing some extra cash, get the trance 2 or anthem 2. Much better bang for your buck. Either way, 3 or 2, you wont be dissapointed with the trance.


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    As a Stance owner (among other bikes), I will give you a somewhat different perspective. First, if you are west of the Mississippi, don't read any further because it will not apply. Second, as it applies to the Trance 2, if you're willing to go the extra $800+ dollars, it is a more versatile bike, and certainly worth the difference. The builds are similar (Stance 1 vs Trance 2), except, of course, for the travel and a longer wheelbase in the Trance.

    I don't like the option of the Trance 3 over the Stance 1. I think the Stance has the better build, in spite of the travel difference front and rear. Plus, there are other, better bikes in the price range of the Trance 3 (depending on what type of riding you prefer).

    But back to the Stance 1. For what it is, it does very well. It's forte is tight, technical singletrack, filled with roots and rock gardens, as found in much of the east, and certainly in my area just south of Pisgah. The short wheel base, and the well mannered suspension allows you to hit your lines, and not get knocked around. What it is not is a big air "aim downhill and bomb it" type bike.

    I've been very impressed with the Fox Rhythm fork. The front tire tracks well, stays on the ground. It handles much like a hardtail, quick and responsive. While I wouldn't consider the suspension plush, it also isn't harsh. I don't ever get knocked off line by chatter or hard hit.

    I think this video best shows how well the Stance 1 can perform, when set up properly: Even the narrow bars don't prevent him from following a narrow line. Notice also the limited chatter in the bars.

    Having said the above, it doesn't mean the Stance 1 is what you're looking for, but I hope this gives you a better idea of what the bike is and isn't.

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