• 11-20-2012
    2012 Blur XC Carbon conversion
    How many people need to shim to do this and how many don't?

    I really want to buy a medium 2012 Blur XCc and put my 650b wheels on it. I've been scanning the forums for hours but haven't found a true consensus as to why some need to shim and some don't.
  • 11-20-2012
    Hurricane Jeff
    I didn't have to shim my shock. I run Schwalbe 2.25 RR's on American Classic 650bxc wheels, I have never had my tire rub the cable or cable stop.
  • 11-21-2012
    I had to shim about 4mm.
    Large 2012 XCc
    Neo Moto 2.1
    Pacenti TL28
  • 11-21-2012
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    I have a 2013 and had to shim the shock 3mm. It's very easy to do. I really didn't have an issue while riding, however, letting all the air out and compression showed a clearance issue. Used a Nevegal 2.1and Racing Ralph on Crest rims and both had slight interferance. Under normal riding conditions I use about 3/4 travel but wanted some margin of safety in case of a sudden air leak or total G-out! Maybe I can attach a before and after pic. You're only talking about 0.25" less rear travel.
  • 11-21-2012
    There's a shop rat in my town who keeps harping "but you are losing a lot of travel" when talking about 650b converting the Blur or TRc. "You're ruining the bike!" He's too moronic to know exactly how much 3mm is in the big picture of things.


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    You're only talking about 0.25" less rear travel.

  • 11-21-2012
    To shim, or not to shim...
    I have a 2011 Medium Blur XCc and definitely needed to use about 3-4mm of shim for my 650b conversion. Otherwise, it would definitely come in contact with the front der. cable stop and cable at full compression. I am running quasi-moto 2.0 which are not all that large.
  • 11-25-2012
    My buddy just converted his large 2010 Blur XCc with Crests and 2.25 Racing Ralphs and hasn't needed any shims. He's running 1x9 so the rear cable isn't a concern, but it hasn't had any rubbing on the cable stop or seat tube at full compression.