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    Possible Klein 650b build.

    I've recently put aside my Palomino to ride a 29er Epic for a while. I'm not 100% sold on the Epic and have decided that if I'm not completely sold on it by the end of the season I'm going to sell it and go back to my hard tail days but with a 29er.

    I've had this never ridden never built Klein hard tail frame for several years now. As another option I thought I could perhaps build this into a 650b bike. If I get a decent price for the Epic it would leave me money for pretty good componets if I don't have to buy a frame.

    A guy on my team put a 650b wheelset on his 26" Epic and it worked out well. I decided to go over to his place with my Klein frame and see how well if at all, the rear wheel would fit. It fit pretty good, so perhaps I'll be building this frame into a 650b bike next winter.

    Here are some photos.....

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    hi there

    I've been riding a palomino 650 conversion for 2 seasons. I put a reba rlt 29 with 650 in the front and had 80mm travel for the first season. then I increased the travel to 100mm - and it works great! the wheel size difference (26 in the back) is small enough that it is not an issue for me. the head tube angle is about 1-2 degrees slacker and I like it. there is a slight tendency to wheel flop at very low speeds - but it has not bothered me in over 500 miles

    love the monolink in the back - just a great system, love Klein bikes and hope to keep riding it for as long as it holds.....had the rear shock rebuild by Ethan recently

    I am 5 11 and 160 lb and 29 is just not the wheel size for me

    I can get some pictures for you if interested

    good luck

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    I gave up my palomino for a mojo Hd 650b convert and have never looked back. I would sell the pal and the attitude which by the way is a pretty valuable frame being blue and never built and go w some newer technology. IMHO. I only get one or two rides a week so I need to make the most out of every second.

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    that is nice looking attitude...I have one as well and was thinking about a conversion, glad to know it's doable

    here is may case for the the front, between the new fork, 650 b wheel and slacker head tube angle - it feels like a totally new ride..I would not want anything else there in a new bike - except for a fox fork..which was out of my price range

    I put a dropper seat and, because the frame geometry, not only does it go down but it also moves forward. So, on the descends, I hold the seat between the legs and my behind is over the back of it, by default, without me even trying .. I can hold that position for a long time....

    the monolink can hold it's own with any rear designs out there right now, IMHO. I feel like I am compromising by holding out? ..I do, but not much, I drool over the new bikes all the time - most recently the 27.5 Pivot - but man, they are spendy!

    In the interest of full disclosure, I live in WA and Gary Klein's legacy still looms large around here...we think the world of him and are trying to keep riding his bikes as a tribute to his visionary ideas for as long as they are fun and safe..and they still are after all these years.

    Don't give up on your palomino, unless it gives up on you!


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    Old thread I know ...

    Did you ever follow through with this?

    I hope to have a NOS '06 Klein Attitude frame here soon. I was either going to go the 650b route or build up a Cyclocross bike depending on how the wheels fit.

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