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    2014 KHS 650b trail bikes

    Available in 120, 140 or 160mm travel versions. Logan Binggeli is riding a 150mm travel prototype at Sea Otter.

    One for everybody's taste. Great idea IMO

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    love to try out the 140. just to see the difference from my 120 I am riding now.
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    Any new updates on the 2014 trail bikes?

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    Looks like their website has been updated.

    They have a new 160mm enduro bike - ENDURO | KHS Bicycles

    Also their shorter travel 27.5 bikes have been upgraded. The sixfifty 6500 comes with a KS dropper post and XO1 drivetrain. Looks like some nice stuff!

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    TRAIL | KHS Bicycles

    Yep. Unfortunately, there is an error on the KHS website or something is out of wack. The 3500 is listed as having a 120 mm travel frame for rear suspension but the chainstay says 140 mm in the picture. Agreed that the 6500 has nice specs. I didn't know about the Enduro bike, I'll have to check that one out.

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    The KHS 7500 looks decent, but not for $5,549.

    If they did a $2,200 model I might be interested.
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