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    Is a 27.5+ conversion as good as a purpose built +sized bike?

    I have a Specialized Stumpjumper EVO 29'er

    I am thinking of fitting 27.5+ wheels and tires to it
    I know the wheels will fit, but not positive the 3" specialized tires will fit, may have to go with something under 3"

    Does anyone have experience with this conversion?
    Will I end up with a +sized bike that handles as well as the purpose built Stumpjumper 6Fattie?

    thank You

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    Should essentially feel the same minus the Boost spacing for added rigidity. Should be able to fit like the WTB Trailblazer 2.8s

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    TBs do not compare to "real" plus tires. They are great if you don't want to get a whole new bike, but they are huge step down in size/volume/all the stuff you want if you want a plus bike. Really they're not any bigger than many 2.4" tires.

    IMO, save your pennies for a dedicated plus setup.

    Waltworks Custom Bicycles
    Park City, UT USA

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    I put a 3.0 wtb Bridger on the front of my 27.5 Ellsworth's Fox fork with decent clearance. I have a 2.4 Ardent in back with clearance for a larger tire so ya you can do it. Are plus size tires and bikes the be all end all? I certainly don't think so for what I ride and many are limited to a one by drivetrain which is a real liability in my mind. I am shocked that I can still ride and enjoy my 29er hard tail with it's triple crank, skinny rims, non tapered headset, quick releases and ancient geometry!

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    Walt's caveat about pseudo plus tires standing as a clear exception, the dedicated plus bikes are basically conversions with wider BOOST rear triangles. The FSR 6Fattie has the same front triangle as the regular FSR, but with the wider rear triangle and a slightly longer and wider fork. The other plus bikes don't differ in construction significantly from this, and they are all super low riding, so your conversion is essentially limited by how far a tire you can fit and how well that performs in your trails.

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