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Thread: 27.5+ rim list

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    27.5+ rim list

    Someone did this for 29+ rims, thought it was a good idea, so I'll start one for 27.5+ rims as well. I'm thinking anything 40mm outside or bigger should be included. Yes, you can use narrower rims, but they're not ideal. There are probably more that I'm not thinking of, listh them below and I will add to the list.

    Rim Outside width Inside width Weight

    Notubes Hugo 52.3mm 49.9mm 585g
    Velocity Dually 45.0mm 39.0mm 640g
    WTB Scraper 49.0mm 45.0mm 560g
    WTB Asym I35 39.0mm? 35.0mm 560g
    Nextie 50 50.0mm 45.0mm 490g
    Nextie 40 40.0mm 35.0mm 410g/440g/500g
    Ligthbike 50 50.0mm 45.0mm 450g
    Lightbike 38 38.0mm 31.6mm 440g
    Derby 40.0mm 34.0mm 445g/465g/485g

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    Ibis 741 41.0mm 35.0mm 473g
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    On the WTBs website Scraper info claimed weight is 560, it might be a typo. It's listed at 650g on most retail websites.

    Thanks for the list!

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