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    Manitou and XFusion make 26" forks with straight steerers at reasonable prices.

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    would you be interested in a 2010 Marzocchi 55 RC3 ti w/ an Avalanche cartridge, straight 1/8 steerer?
    Quote Originally Posted by Brodino View Post
    I have seen those Fox forks too but at $900 I ruled them out due to cost. It was just throwing money away i thought. I am now keeping an eye on Ebay but so far nothing. I think I am now leaning towards just buying newer used bike just for the ease of finding parts. It just sucks because minus the crappy fork I have, the rest of my bike is in decent shape.
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    It's been a good long time since I posted my feelings about my 26" AMHT vs my 29+ AMHT...I did a head to head review elsewhere, but since my thread here popped back up, I thought I'd do a long term review follow-up.

    When I first bought my Stache, my intention was to keep it stock. I've never kept a bike stock, so I don't know why I thought I could do it this time, hehehe. The Stache now is built very similar to the Komodo regarding fork travel, wheelset, BB height, CS length. I still love riding my 26, but I'll let my review do the rest of the talking:

    I did an "Apples to Apples" (mangos to squash) comparison today of the 2005 vs 2017 in the hardtail mountain bike world.

    26? What's the point??!!-1198941d1526822865-26-staunch-hold-out-clown-wheels-img_20180518_182251264-picsay.jpg
    Subject 1: 2005 Freeride Hardtail (which today translates as "All Mountain Hardtail")

    28.5#, Hope Stans wheelset, 32x150mm Rockshox Sektor fork 1x10 drivetrain, 26x2.4" tires, disc brakes.
    68' head angle, 425mm chainstays, 625mm effective top tube

    26? What's the point??!!-1198942d1526822947-26-staunch-hold-out-clown-wheels-img_20180518_163702248_tojp-picsay.jpg
    Subject 2: 2017 Trek Stache All Mountain Hardtail

    28.75#, Hope Arc wheelset, 35x140mm Rockshox Yari fork, 1x11 drivetrain, 29x3" tires, disc brakes.
    68' head angle, 420mm chainstays, 624 effective top tube.

    26? What's the point??!!-1198943d1526823007-26-staunch-hold-out-clown-wheels-img_20170812_164312302-picsay.jpg
    On paper, they look very similar except for the obvious wheel size difference. Almost like you altered one to fit the wheels of the other.

    Same 6-8mi trail, same direction. Very technical in places, pretty steep in places.

    Results: What a difference 12 years of technology makes. You'd think the only difference would be the ability of the 29x3 to roll over bumps, and the acceleration of the little 26x2.4 bike in the flats and smooth climbs, but I assure goes much deeper than that.

    There's really nothing Komodo tackles that the Stache doesn't do better. The clown-wheeled bike moters up to speed very quickly on the trail & handles just as nimble but much more stable. Comfortably climbs where the Komodo spins out or runs out of gas, (comfort issue) obviously tackles technical terrain without trying, whereas the Komodo's pilot must carefully choose his lines as not to destroy the nice wheelset or veer off trail.

    There are sections that I clean on the Stache 100% of the time that I've never cleaned on my 26.

    Every time I get ready to ride, it gets harder and harder to pull the Komodo down off the wall. It's still a fun ride, but what a difference!

    26? What's the point??!!-1198940d1526822801-26-staunch-hold-out-clown-wheels-collagemaker_20180518_201056206-picsay.jpg

    With the new Hope / Arc wheelset on the Stache, there's really no real life trail difference regarding how quickly it gets up to speed in comparison.

    It climbs any trail with less effort, carves any curves more fun, descends and drops with more confidence.

    26" will still get ridden. I still love my Kinesis baby. But as a long term 26" staunch hold-out... I'll eat Crow and say it is inferior in every way.

    Though I still ride it.
    26? What's the point??!!-img_20180527_203452375-picsay.jpg
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    Quote Originally Posted by mtbmike24 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by mik_git View Post
    Thats the thing getting parts. I recently wanted to get some rim brake wheels...ugh that was a pain.

    People say that you can still get this or that...and yes you can, if you look at the bottom end of the craptastic market, but I really don't want to put a low end boat anchor fork or some cheep heavy flexy rims on my top end frame that I love to bits, I want the good stuff.
    You have to like hit up ebay for NOS that may or may be legit, or go 2nd hand which could get you something good, or get you someone else's old crap that needs a rebuild more than the stuff you're replacing.
    On top of in these parts of the world, either people figure out early that there was going to be a demand for old parts, or they just wanted top dollar from the start, but stuff ain't cheap.

    Took me 2 minutes of searching eBay found a brand new rim brake wheel set XTR 970 rim brake tubeless 9 speed wheels 948.00 bucks plus 60 shipping yikes that's steep for those wheels but they are top of the line just like you looking for. Also found a load more of nice rim brake wheel sets as well.
    what i was meaning is that they don't make that stuff any more except at the bottom end...which is totally understandable, you don't stay in business catering to ultra niche markets just to keep me happy, although I'd like it if they did.
    And yes I buy heaps of ebay, but when the major supply is on the other side of the planet, then hings become an issue, dodgy sellers, issues where you might have to send stuff back, makes you 2nd guess everything.
    Just saying, 10 years ago there was so much stuff around it was easy, 5 years, less stuff, 2 years even less, now less again. Now I don't need anything right now, I'e gotten pretty much what I need for the moment, but in 5 years time? I'm sure there will be stuff around, or at least I hope.
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    Well I'll throw in my $.02... I rode in the late 90s/early 00s on a stump jumper 26er. Then came a long stretch where I didn't mtb at all. Early last year I test rode (and ultimately bought) a used '08 Surly KM 29er. I d4mn near flooded the basement when I first rode this thing. I was truly impressed.

    To give a background, I AM a retrogrouch. I drive a stick shift truck, ride a 1975 Honda motorcycle and I don't give verbal commands to my electronic devices. So this isn't coming from a trend-chaser by any stretch of the imagination.

    I then pulled out the old stumpy some months later (that had been sitting in storage for years) and gave it a spin. It somehow all of a sudden felt small to me. Then again, I built up a 26er touring bike (surly LHT) two years back and that feels soooo fun to ride (not on technical stuff, but on roads and gravel).

    So I guess what I've concluded is the 29ers CAN be bad a$$. And 26ers can be bad a$$. It's never apples-to-apples because two bikes with two different wheel sizes are automatically geometrically dis-similar to begin with.

    You can most definitely count me in the save-the-26ers camp. But I'll stop short of bashing the 29ers. Yea sure, the bike industry is about making money. But 29ers have their place.

    I'm still not so sure of my stance on 650b, as I've yet to try one, but my sense is I prefer a bike to be brilliant in certain aspects rather than mediocre in all of them (i.e. give me killer rollover or killer nimble-ness, not a compromise in both)

    I'm also going to throw in the previously echoed prediction that 26ers, and 2" tires for that matter, make one hell of a comeback, likely by 2025. It's like horror movies - they're in they're out. they're in they're out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MudSnow View Post
    In one of the most scientifically done comparisons of wheel size, done by world cup racers, 29ers were faster than 26ers by much less than half of 1% over a course several miles long.

    This is a car video, but it shows how two completely different vehicles with different strengths become very evenly matched by a mixture of track features.
    Slightly older post but I like it still the same.

    I get tired of the word 'technology' being thrown around so much in the biking industry. Going from 26 to 29 or 27.5 is a change in sizing, not technology.

    I'm 5'8" and ride a 26 still. My friend is 6'4" and rides a 29. Neither bike is better than the other, they just fit the individual better.

    I ride 29s and I go slower. Not because of 'technology' but because it doesn't fit me as well. I feel I'm on a horse and don't perform the same.
    For me, it's not as nimble and I don't climb as well. My friend was slower on a 26 because it felt like a kids bike. It didn't accommodate his large frame. If someone does better on a 29 vs a 26 or visa versa, it's because the bike now fits their size and build better which is the most important factor. When they post these reviews, they need to post their height as well because it is a huge factor. I don't care what you ride as long as it fits.

    True bike tech or engineering is going to a new material like carbon or building something just as strong, durable, or rigid but in a lighter weight. Size change is not.

    In my riding experience of 25+ years, I've seen a lot of BS. The only reason changes are made in most components is so that the bike industry can sell new bikes, components or parts. In addition, the 'technology' hasn't changed much at all. Bikes still weigh 27-30lbs. Still get flat tires, taco'd wheels, warped rims or brake rotors, shocks that blow out or lock up. This one is faster, this one is lighter, this one is more rigid, this one will make you breakfast in the morning... It's all BS that the fools still soak up. Mean while, I'm still kicking everyone's ass on my '98 26" FS.

    I remember the bashing, flaming and trolling when gearing went from 3x8 to 3x9. It's better because A,B, and C. Now those same guys are arguing why 9-gears are better than 10 or 11! Just stupid getting sucked into what BS the manufacturers are trying to spin to their clients.

    And now here we go, full circle. I'm building up an old 26" for my son who has just started to outgrow his BMX bike, which BTW, he could smoke a lot of his friends on because it fit him well while they all had large 27.5" - 29" bikes their dads were told were great but are too big for them to control. Interesting that the majority of the components we're using are very similar to a 'new 26' that MTBR just published an article about - Cleary Bikes Scout 26” and 24” kid’s bikes - Mountain Bike Review-
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