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Thread: Surly Krampus

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    Quote Originally Posted by leeboh View Post
    Older KM owner here. 29x3 will fit in the back? Hmmm. Running front der, fender and rack, that might need to change I'm guessing.
    on the new km frame. sorry i forgot that.

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    On my road bikes I adjust the caliper brakes so as the wheel spins and stops you can tell it's not binding because it starts slowly rotating in the other direction for a bit before completely coming to a stop.

    I can't seem to quite get there with my disc brakes on the Krampus. I've never owned a bike with disc brakes before... is this an unreasonable expectation? If not, any tips on getting this adjusted just so?


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    Quote Originally Posted by cjbiker View Post
    This is my skinny Krampus. I bought the frame used and swapped all the parts over from my Karate Monkey. I like the way the Krampus handles much better. I plan to build some real plus wheels, upgrade the fork, and will probably have to go 1x.

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    Quoting myself here for context.

    I am toying with the idea of buying a new Krampus. I have a Manitou Magnum fork on order. My plan was to put the fork on the Krampus, build up a new set of wheels (Rabbit hole rims, boost front hub to fit the fork, 135 rear hub), go to 1x (new crank, cassette, maybe new rear derailleur and shifter). Adding up the total, I think I could sell what I have and buy the new Krampus for about the same total cost. The new frame is marginally different (longer, lower, etc). I like the idea of that. The downside is that the stock build on the new Krampus isn't the highest end. It's serviceable, but what I have now is a little better.

    Any thoughts?

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