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    Carbon fork for my plus bike? Entering a bike packing race.

    I am looking for a little bit of help finding a Ridgid fork for my 2018 Norco torrent.
    I have entered a bike packing race in late June and want to switch out my fork.

    my current fork is 140mm of travel and my bike has a 66.6 head angle. The fork is 551mm long, I have found a carbon fork that is 491mm length.

    Will dropping my FL really mess my geometry up and bottom bracket height? I know that my bike never sits at a full 140mm travel, being that I would probably run 20% to 30% sag.

    My big concerns with running my current fork is weight, and that it's way more travel then I'll need in a bike packing race.

    Here is the fork I am looking at
    FO009- Dengfu Sports Equipment Co.Ltd

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    A to C is the critical measurement. Some quick math shows that 30% sag (what I would consider the limit of how low I would want to go) is 42mm. 551-42=509mm. That's your target.

    I'd see if you can find a 29+ fork with a similar A to C. I vaguely remember someone that found a 510mm rigid fork. Do some searches, you'll find something.
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    Bowie pro (trek-Bontrager): 495 mm
    Niner: 490 mm
    Carver: 490 mm
    Whisky: 483 mm

    Longer ones? Do not know...

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    Look into the new Trek Carbon fork that goes on their new Trek 1120. It is approximately 510mm A-C measurement so it is a little higher than some of the other options. It is boost, fits 29+, has triple cage mounts on both sides. Rumor has it that dealers can order it for $399.99

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    Thanks for all the leads everyone, sounds like the trek fork is my best lead. Will follow up with my local shop.

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